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Presentasi Tugas Korupsi Birokrasi

gondez comUntuk mahasiswa S1 reguler yang mengambil mata kuliah Teori AN, berikut ini daftar kelompok yang terjadwal presentasi besok Hari Senin, Tanggal 18 Nopember 2013 :

Sesi 1  :

Kelompok Afriliana Vinni N.

Kelompok Aditya Rahmat Setiawan

Sesi 2 :

Kelompok Ashlihna R. Mufida

Kelompok Amanda Clara S

Selamat belajar dan do your best !

Tugas Teori AN (S1 Reguler): Korupsi Birokrasi

Tugas       :   Korupsi Birokrasi

Sifat           : Tugas Kelompok (4-5 mhs)

Waktu      : dikumpulkan Senin, 11 Nopember 2013


Untuk menjawab soal-soal ini terlebih dahulu bacalah artikel Gerald E. Caiden ” Toward A General Theory of Official Corruption” .

bittersweetcollide comTentang Korupsi :

  • The word “corruption” means something spoiled; something sound that has been made defective, debased and tainted; something that has been pushed off course into a worse or inferior form.
  • Whoever corrupts sets out to make something impure, debased and less capable; an adverse departure from an expected course.
  • When applied to human relations, corruption is a bad influence, an injection of rottenness or decay, a decline in moral conduct and personal integrity attributable to venality or dishonesty.
  • When applied to public office, rather than referring to departures from ideal or even generally expected standards of incumbent behaviour, the practice has been to spell out specific acts of misconduct that disgrace public office and make the offenders unfit to remain in office.


Tugas :

  1. Jelaskan pengertian korupsi menurut Caiden !
  2. Jelaskan bentuk-bentuk korupsi birokrasi menurut Caiden !
  3. Apakah definisi dan deskripsi korupsi yang dikemukakan Caiden dapat menjelaskan fenomena korupsi di Indonesia ? Jelaskan argumentasimu !

Tentang profil pejabat publik :

  • Only the best people should hold office. They should be the most righteous and wisest; persons of character and distinction, of honour and integrity; and they should be dependable.
  • These worthy people should set an example and insist on the highest standards of performance. They were to advance the public interest, maintain the peace, promote the general welfare and deal kindly with their people.
  • They were to administer public affairs with wisdom, compassion, justice, sensitivity and vision.
  • They were to protect and safeguard public property as a sacred trust and to account for their actions to the public.
  • They were to proclaim just laws and see they were carried out honestly and fairly.
  • They were to be judged by their good deeds and remembered for their good works.

Tugas :

  1. Deskripsikan bagaimana profil pejabat publik yang ideal menurut Caiden !
  2. Menurut pendapatmu apakah ada banyak pejabat publik di Indonesia yang memenuhi gambaran ideal Caiden di atas ? Jelaskan alasan pendapatmu itu !
  3. Carilah contoh figur pejabat publik (eksekutif) di Indonesia yang menurut pendapatmu dapat menggambarkan karakteristik pejabat yang bersih, sesuai dengan karakteristik yang dikemukakan Caiden di atas (bisa lebih dari satu) !
  4. Jelaskan argumentasimu dan berikan contoh perilaku, kebijakan dan program-program atau bukti kinerja lainnya yang bisa mendukung argumentasimu !